www.licas.biz Eine zweite Mission, die unter der Marke LICAS vermarktete ist, führt Beratungs- und Änderungsmanagement in Unternehmen.
Diese Expertenteam, das ein internationales Netzwerk bildet, widmet sich um Geschäftsentwicklung und Wachsum.
www.icCube.com We are happy to announce that part of our team decided going for the big adventure of building a product (Business Intelligence). This team has been successfully working with us for over 10 years in the software industry in some blue chip and financial industry companies. We've no doubt at MISC they will produce top Swiss quality software and are happy not only being part of this new project but also supporting them. Detailed information about the product is available at : www.icCube.com
MISC is the official operational representative for icCube.