MISC SA offers you the services of highly-qualified professionals in the areas of recruitment, consulting and the delegation of specialists in the IT, IS, TELECOMMUNICATIONS and FINANCIAL fields.

Founded in the canton of Vaud in 1999 with the aim of offering services in the computer field, MISC SA moved its headquarters to the canton of Zug in 2006. Today we operate throughout the country, as well as on an international level, for many of our clients.
All our colleagues are qualified and experienced computer specialists or analysts, and our Human Resources specialists count more than fifteen years of experience in this field.

The initial aim of MISC SA was to offer consulting services in the IT/IS area.
To this first mission new services have come to be added, such as the recruitment and the delegation of IT, IS, Telecommunications and Financial professionals, as well as Payroll management facilities, for resources which companies wish to contract out.

You will find the details of our services on our page Companies as well as our contact details on our page Contact A second activity operating with the brand LICAS is focusing on advising and leading changes within organizations, leveraging digital technologies, a culture of innovation and M&A opportunities. A team of experts forming an international network can
support new business development and connect companies and government to foster growth and value creation. We are happy to announce that part of our team decided going for the big adventure of building a product (Business Intelligence). This team has been successfully working with us for over 10 years in the software industry in some blue chip and financial industry companies. We've no doubt at MISC they will produce top Swiss quality software and are happy not only being part of this new project but also supporting them. Detailed information about the product is available at :
MISC is the official operational representative for icCube.