Candidates & Consultants

MISC SA is both a consulting company and a recruitment agency highly specialised in the areas of IT, IS, Telecommunications and Finance.

With us, your application file is handled by computer specialists who emphasise experience, know-how, and motivation to make the business profitable.

We put all our heart and all our energy into finding you the job which above all corresponds to your aspirations and your career plan.

Job-Seekers :

Our advisors have long experience of recruitment and will know how to receive you and listen to you attentively, allowing them to understand your wishes. Their well-informed advice and the quality of their network will open the doors of your professional future to new, motivating and career-enhancing perspectives. What is more, if you are feeling adventurous, our administrative structure allows you to work as a consultant without taking the risks inherent in freelance status…

Independent Consultants :

We also offer you our administrative structure if you have a professional project in the form of an assignment and you wish to return to the status of a salaried employee. Contact us to talk about it; we have arguments which should persuade you…

Your dossier :

You will find part of our job offers under "Job Openings", but bear in mind that as a general rule we are contacted by companies who are looking for a particular skill with great urgency. We are then obliged to respond in a timeframe which does not even leave us with enough time to advertise the position.

We give priority to dossiers which we already have !

Do not hesitate therefore to send us your dossier (by email only) explaining to us in detail the different parameters of your job search.
We pay very particular attention to your wishes and motivations in order to present to our clients candidates who are not only perfectly adapted in a technical sense to the position to be filled, but who will also integrate on the human level in the best possible way into the team or project they are to join.

Application :

We thank you for your confidence and assure you that we will take all steps, fully respecting your confidentiality and your interests, to propose to you openings fully corresponding to your expectations and skills.

To enable integration into our research tools to find particular skills, we absolutely must have an up-to-date CV in the Word® (.doc) as well as a copy of your certificates in Adobe® format (.pdf)

! We do not deal with any paper documents !

Extra information such as :
- the region concerned;
- when you will be available;
- your wishes as regards gross annual income;
- a detailed evaluation of your language skills;
- a list of criteria which would make the position sought THE ideal job;

will help us to better understand and analyse your application and therefore to prepare the interview which will precede the presentation of your dossier to our clients.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope that your application will put you on the path of success…

Send my dossier A second activity operating with the brand LICAS is focusing on advising and leading changes within organizations, leveraging digital technologies, a culture of innovation and M&A opportunities. A team of experts forming an international network can
support new business development and connect companies and government to foster growth and value creation. We are happy to announce that part of our team decided going for the big adventure of building a product (Business Intelligence). This team has been successfully working with us for over 10 years in the software industry in some blue chip and financial industry companies. We've no doubt at MISC they will produce top Swiss quality software and are happy not only being part of this new project but also supporting them. Detailed information about the product is available at :
MISC is the official operational representative for icCube.